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DISINFECTED works with a variety of small businesses to maintain, schedule, and manage the cleaning of their facilites.


Office Complex:

DISINFECTED works with corporate facilities to manage, schedule, and maintain washing stations, common areas, landscaping, bathrooms, elevators, and reception areas.


Residential Complexes:

Our maintenance workers are highly trained and skilled.  We pride ourselves on being a company with employees that are friendly and reliable.  We work to keep areas of Residential Complexes clean including carpet cleaning, landscaping, upkeep, and outdoor and indoor common spaces.  We work in a variety of Residential Complexes including apartments, condominiums, and high rises.


Government Facilities:

Our staff is professional, discrete, and secure.  Government Facilities often hire us on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  By maintaining offices, providing sanitation protocols, and maintaining privacy.  Our serivces extend to local, municipal, and federal facilities.

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University & Education:

DISINFECTED works closely with facilities that have large numbers of students, staff, and visitors coming and going.  We cater to the needs of each facility and work on the best schedule that works for them.  Our staff includes a team of janitors that consistently and regularly maintain common areas, classrooms, restrooms, cafeterias, and teacher lounges.  Our staff work with a variety of institutions and facilities to keep them clean and sanitary.



Our Hotel clients hire DISINFECTED to both regularly and as needed maintain common spaces including special events, lobbies, and meeting rooms.  We cater to the needs of each hotel by offering pre and post event clean up, maintaining cleanliness, hygiene, and order.

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Retail & Office:

Our 24 hour, 7 days a week service helps us to effectively and seamlessly maintain high volume areas in facilities including grocery stores, delis, and retail areas.  Our staff regulary removes trash, cleans floors and carpets, bathrooms, and common areas.  We clean at the times that work best for the client.


Medical Facilities:

Our staff is highly trained and certified.  We understand the necessary protocols that need to be in place to successfully and effectively sterilize  facilities.  Our supplies are FDA approved and maintain all appropriate measures for properly handling waste hazard.