Coronavirus – or COVID-19 – has without a doubt been affecting the lives of people all over the globe. While several nonessential businesses have closed down offices during this period, many businesses have continued to operate during this difficult time. As a result of the pandemic, we are offering sanitation and disinfecting services to the businesses of Philadelphia and the North Eastern PA region.

At Corporate Sanitization, we use an approved EPA hospital grade disinfectant, GC2010, which is specifically formulated to combat viruses such as COVID-19. This particular product is a virucide, germicide, and fungicide. This product leaves no residue and is extremely low in toxicity as well. We offer electrostatic spraying and ULV fogging to help protect your facility. It is our top priority to keep both employees and customers feeling safe. We will also provide your business with a Completion Certificate to show proper proof of disinfection & sanitization.

COVID-19 is highly contagious and thus can be transmitted easily. To help combat the spread in your workplace and reduce the risk of transmitting it to family and friends, commercial cleaning is your best option. COVID-19 is something we have not experienced before and has been devastating to many businesses and people across the world. If you’re in need of sanitization and disinfection services to keep your workplace safe during the COVID-19 outbreak, please reach out to the Corporate Sanitization team today!